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                                        InNeR DeMoNs

Year 1:

A few days after Pip left Pinkessa’s body; Chrysalis happened across it. Chrysalis had just revived Twilight, Golden Pinkie’s first victim, as a zombie. She also previously revived Rarity and brainwashed her into following Chrysalis’ will. Before I go any further; I need to explain the 2 types of zombification, and a little loophole called “Recall”. There’s General Exposure, and Local Exposure. General Exposure is when the zombie spell is over-charged and cast as an AOE of a sort. Any corpses nearby the spell will revive as regular zombies who follow the will of their summoner. These zombies are really easy to kill, but high in number. Local Exposure is when the spell is isolated into 1 corpse. The body will revive much more smoothly than that of a Generally Exposed zombie, but they have certain strings attached. 1st: A Locally Exposed zombie is immortal, they can never die, but only so long as the spell that’s inside them stays safe and put. Should anything happen to their orb that either destroys or removes it; they die again. 2nd: A Locally Exposed zombie is revived with no memories of anything that happened before they died, but they are capable of recalling their lost experiences by sensing, (using any sense to acknowledge such as sight, sound, touch, etc.), or doing something familiar. Not all things will make them recall immediately; sometimes they need to be in a right place, time, or situation for things to click in their head. Twilight, just being revived, can recall like this, but every time she comes close Lil Miss Rarity, (the now brainwashed Rarity), by orders of Chrysalis, removes her orb and replaces it; effectively hitting the reset button again. This is how Chrysalis maintains control of her Locally Exposed zombies. Chrysalis finds Golden Pinkies body first, but can’t revive her as she isn’t an organic creature. Pinkessa, on the other hand, is successfully revived, but before Chrysalis can do anything with her; Pinkessa sees the body of Golden Pinkie, and recalls most of her memories through that. She doesn’t remember anything from when Golden Pinkie controlled her body, but she does remember what Pinkamena saw, and that being destroying Golden Pinkie and getting shot by Lil Pip afterwards. Even though Pinkessa remembers getting killed by Pip; she seeks her out in an unnatural obsession with her. Pip is the 1 thing that Pinkessa can be alive for, and she doesn’t see any other reason to be back amongst the living, (Her reputation is still in pieces, and Golden Pinkie being her grandest accomplishment now just an unfriendly reminder of her greatest failure; Pip is the only thing she knows from her past that’s worth pursuing). It’s a weird sentiment that is hard for me to explain; I kind of came up with it by considering Pinkessa’s character/situation rather than using my logical thinking on the matter.

Year 6:

After the events of Evanescent Souls; Lil Pip proceeded to eventually have her back legs cut off. They were paralyzed and only served as a burden to her. She replaced them with artificial legs that used E.S tech to operate on their own. This E.S is modified, however, and serves only the will of Lil Pip. Advances in Medical, as well as other fields have been made with this improved E.S tech. Artificial Slave you might call it. Pip spent the next 5 years wandering Equestria; selling her skills with a gun along the way to keep herself alive and well. During one of her trips into a town nearby her current temporary residence; Pip found that no pony was around, and began searching the place for ideas as to where they all went. What she found was an altar which Queen Chrysalis stood upon. Soon after Pip stumbled upon her; Chrysalis cast a spell. The spell summoned Generally Exposed zombie ponies from the water, and Pip quickly turned to run away. As she ran she found herself now surrounded by zombies; as if the whole town was converted. During her encounter with them; she was spared the effort of firing her gun by a force-field generated by Shining Armor, whom soon offered Pip allegiance against the zombie horde. Soon after the two met, Pinkessa appears and helps kill off the immediate zombies. Pip helps, while also trying to shoot Pinkessa, but she dodges and a zombie gets hit instead. After the zombies are temporarily dealt with; Pinkessa tells Pip and Shining that the giant orb thingy is the source of the zombies, and advises that they go for that. Pip, reluctant to work with the one who took her legs, goes along with the plan in order to eliminate the greater problem at hand. Shining complies, though questioning Pip’s reaction to Pinkessa, and worried she might be trouble.

They kill their way to the orb, but before they can approach it directly; Zomlight, (the now brainwashed Twilight), blocks their way and attacks them. Shining Armor counters her directly and attempts to hold her off and figure out what’s wrong with her, (He doesn’t want Pip or Pinkessa killing her), but as he does that Lil Miss Rarity attempts to attack Pinkessa, but the two end up being equals in speed/teleporting and can’t hit the other. Pip watches the conflict start, then is approached by Chrysalis. Pip, being reckless and spontaneous, fires first at Chrysalis rather than being the one defending like Pinkessa and Shining are. Chrysalis dodges and simply toys with Pip; demonstrating her superiority. Pip reacts by head-butting Chrysalis and, though this time Pip made contact, Chrysalis wasn’t fazed much and simply backed away. The conflict ends when Pip chooses running is the better option. Pinkessa takes Shining and follows. The three of them successfully escape Zomlight and Miss Rarity, but this is a temporary success and Pip knows they will be seeing them again.

Pinkessa, Shining, and Pip all make their way to the next town along the road. Pinkessa finds a random green screen along the way and takes full advantage of the opportunity until Shining kills her groove. Pip acts depressed, and is contemplating what she should do next. Chrysalis and company have made themselves a threat by turning an entire town into their minions, and Pip knows she’ll need Pinkessa’s strength to combat them again, but Pip still considers what Pinkessa might be planning and is torn between problems. Pinkessa tries to comfort Pip, but Pip rejects her and presses on. Pinkessa grows upset over the fact, but continues to have faith in Pip. The three find the town still alive and well, and they find a place to rest for the night after eating. Shining Armor falls asleep first, and Pip follows by removing her gear and E.S legs. Pinkessa then realizes just how weak Pip actually is after seeing her with no guns or back legs to support her, and starts understanding things from Pip’s perspective a little better. She’s depressed, helpless, and in a situation where no answer is the right one, and Pinkessa tries to think of a way to help her. She pulls out Golden Pinkies’ remains from her “secret compartment” and uses it as a stress doll by stabbing it with a knife. Pinkessa is demonstrating her way of dealing with stress, and offers Pip the chance to try it. Pip is at a loss for thoughts at first, but soon notices something particular about the robot. During the entire time Pip was attacked by Pinkessa when she met her; Pinkessa kept the same grin on her face. The Pinkessa Pip has known after that, however, has been different; she’s been smiling and changing expression much more often. Pip out of a spur of convenience in the script, puts two and two together to realize that Golden Pinkie was the one at fault, and Pinkessa is an entirely different pony, (bear with me on that as there’s no voice acting and I couldn’t exactly have anyone tell Pip what was going on). Pip pulls herself away from Pinkessa, now sorry for what she did, and Pinkessa understands that nothing can really make anything better. Pinkessa then forgives Pip and the two mutually decide that no matter what happens from here; they’ll have each other. Pip stayed Pinkessa’s motivation for moving forward, and now Pinkessa became hers. It’s not love you bloody shippers out there! :P

Their slumber is disturbed, however, when the sky fills with orbs summoning Generally Exposed zombies from around and inside the town. Pip confronts the horde and starts saving the ponies in town; Pinkessa and Shining follow and they all work with townsfolk to kill off the zombies and survive. Eventually; Pinkessa finds Zomlight killing off townsfolk, and moves to subdue her. She succeeds, but before her and Pip can do anything with their new captive; Shining pushes them away and confronts Pip. Before anything can happen; Zomlight attacks Shining and in turn injures Pip; knocking her out cold. Pinkessa stays by Pip and defends her until she wakes up, while Shining chases Zomlight in a fit of rage as he has had enough and knows that she needs to be dealt with no matter what. During their conflict; Pip has a dream where all of the events of the story play out before her in a way understood by what characters Pip and Pinkessa are involved with at what times and the state of their bodies as well. Kind of like a wax museum. The end of her dream reveals a revelation where Pip sees Pinkessa with an alicorn horn and wings, as well as herself with white hair and pale skin. This revelation tells Pip of the next stage in their story, but is too unclear to understand before it happens.  Zomlight ultimately breaks Shining Armor down and almost kills him, but at the last moment she begins recalling, and begins remembering things. Shining takes advantage of her hesitation and uses the last of his strength to create an explosion around the both of them with Zomlight at the center. They both pass out from exhaustion and Shining is left in a delicate state. Pip wakes up and sees Pinkessa killing off zombies nearby, but isn’t aware that the real Pinkessa was pursued by Miss Rarity and has been trying to get back to Pip up to this point. Chrysalis, disguised as Pinkessa, toys with Pip after noticing her E.S legs are broken by acting like Pinkessa. When Rarity throws the real Pinkessa into a nearby wall, Pip tries to understand what’s happening, but Chrysalis kills Pip before anything can be done. Pinkessa, in a fit of desperation, throws Miss Rarity aside and checks Pip for any sign of life. None was to be found, however, and Pip was killed. Chrysalis and Miss Rarity vanished from this point, and Pinkessa was left alone in a burning town with more zombies encroaching every moment.  Pinkessa pressed forward and carried all three of their bodies in a cart towards her secret lab. Once there she would have the means to treat their wounds and preserve whatever she could.

Pinkessa set up a tent with three beds; one for each of the bodies. She treated Pip first, even knowing she was already dead. Shining Armor was a success, and Zomlight didn’t even needs healing. Her wounds had appeared to be healing themselves beyond the natural capability. This was when Pinkessa discovered for a fact the zombies ability to regenerate, or at least Locally Exposed zombies. Neither Shining nor Zomlight would awaken for a week, and Pinkessa was left alone for that long to contemplate her next objective. It rained a lot, and she could think of nothing but Pip. As her depression went on, it slowly changed into anger, and Pinkessa began hearing the voice of Pinkamena. A cycle had started where Pinkessa would only become more and more like Pinkamena, and the more in sync they become; the easier it is for Pinkamena to talk with Pinkessa. Pinkamena harasses Pinkessa over Pip’s death, and blames Pinkessa for it. She also pressures Pinkessa into letting her take over the body so that she can deal with Chrysalis and Miss Rarity. Pinkessa eventually agreed with Pinkamena that vengeance was the only path to take, but she refused her help and instead built a small army of E.S animatronics that used the improved E.S, or A.S (Artificial Slave). Pinkessa also used shining and Zomlight as tools to attain retribution. She blamed both for Pip’s death as much as everypony else and didn’t care what happened to them; so long as they could help her get to Chrysalis and kill her.

Pinkessa’s new force gathers at Chrysalis’ base of operations and they are met with a Generally Exposed giant skeleton. All of the zombie ponies are sweeping Equestria, and this behemoth is all Chrysalis kept at base. Pinkessa throws her force at it, and it proves a very little challenge, but as Pinkessa reaches its weak spot; Miss Rarity appears and knocks the skeleton over. Pinkessa, confused at first, realizes that the skeleton wasn’t a defense; it was a battering ram. Miss Rarity used its fall to crush the animatronic army, as well as disable Pinkessa, Shining, and Zomlight temporarily. Miss Rarity follows up by killing Shining, who could have defended himself, but decides to not use his power to hurt a pony like he did Zomlight, and embraces death instead. Zomlight attempts to gain revenge on Miss Rarity for killing Shining, but Zomlight isn’t aware of the fact that a Locally Exposed zombie cannot die without the destruction or removal of their orb. Miss Rarity, on the other hoof, is aware of this and counterattacks Zomlight by grabbing hers and removing it, (A Locally Exposed zombie becomes very weak when their orb is tampered with and defending themselves at that point becomes near impossible). Zomlight is immediately killed and Miss Rarity moves on to finish her spree. She confronts Pinkessa, and moves straight for her orb. Pinkessa doesn’t see this coming as she is also ignorant of the orbs importance, and is nearly killed.

As Miss Rarity slowly removes the orb; Pinkessa suddenly grabs her hoof and stops her in her place. Miss Rarity is confused as this shouldn’t be possible; Pinkessa shouldn’t have the strength to forcefully hold her in place. Pinkamena turns out being the one now in control of the body, and she immediately turns the tables on Miss Rarity. After tearing all of Miss Rarity’s limbs off; Pinkamena begins toying with her like a cat. During this time Pinkessa regains temporary control and experiences a surge of energy within her orb. It shoots a beam of light out her mouth and Pinkessa only feels a burning sensation within. After this experience passes; Pinkamena regains control and proceeds to finish off Miss Rarity by tossing her into the heart of Chrysalis’ base, (which just so happens to have a pole sitting at the bottom of it. So many convenient plot points, so little time :P). Pinkamena approaches Chrysalis, intent on finishing things, but Chrysalis takes the form of Pip and Pinkamena is unable to bring herself to harm her. As devastating as Pinkamena’s methods may be; she still has a conscience, and in this instance loses to it. Chrysalis attempts to remove her orb as well, but this time she finds that it’s grown in size and is red; rather than the green color that all other orbs bear. The orb sucks itself back inside Pinkamena, and she begins emitting a light again. This time the energy cause an explosion and afterwards; Boss Pinkessa is revealed flying with alicorn wings and a horn. The orb was transformed by Pinkessa’s soul and a bond was made between the two; allowing Pinkessa to harness its energy in a way no other zombie can do, (she’s basically Alice from Resident Evil; a perfect bond between host and infection). Pinkessa takes it upon herself to destroy Chrysalis while in the literal sense killing Pip. Pinkamena wishes she could do this for Pinkessa, but recognizes that her will is not near as strong as Pinkessa’s is. Pinkessa goes through with this, and breaks down Chrysalis; only to end up paralyzing her and landing in the exact same position Golden Pinkie put Pip in in during Evanescent Souls. Pinkessa begins having flashbacks of that moment as she aims the same gun at Chrysalis and can’t get an image of Pip’s frightened face out of her mind. Pinkessa not only had to beat Chrysalis looking exactly like Pip to a pulp and using an anime-esque energy blast to finish her off; now she has to shoot her while picturing she is shooting Pip and knowing that she’ll kill whoever she shoots. Pinkessa pulls the trigger, and finishes what Chrysalis started. She fought her inner regrets, and beat her emotions in order to attain revenge. Pinkamena is likely proud of her.

However, when Pinkessa finished off Chrysalis with her energy blast; she unknowingly used up all of her orbs extra energy and reverted back into a regular zombie. Her orb is still red, but it’s lost the power given to it by her struggling soul. She proceeds to retrieve the spell from Chrysalis’ book and brings it back to Pip’s body. The spell was key in reviving Pip, but Pinkessa lacked a horn to cast it. She instead used her only option left; her own orb. After passing the orb onto Pip’s body; Zombie Pip was born, and Pinkessa died. Zombie Pip quickly discovered Pinkessa’s body, and recalled her memories from seeing it. She then noticed Pinkessa was dead, and saw the spell on the ground. Pip investigated and learned the nature of the spell; then cast it on Pinkessa.

What happens from here is a mystery. All that we know is; Pinkessa and Zombie Pip are going home.
InNeR DeMoNs
This is just a written explanation of the events of InNeR DeMoNs, which can be found at this link:…
Before I explain anything do note that Evanescent Souls’ plot was a parody of the FNAF fan lore and I just built upon that. So any similarities like Security Guard and animatronics were obviously intended.

                                       Evanescent Souls
For the sake of a convenient timeline that’s easy to understand; the events will begin both before and during Year 1 and just count up from there in InNeR DeMoNs.

Events before Year 1:

       Little Pip has no history to note before Year 1, but Pinkessa was well on her way to becoming one of Equestria’s greatest engineers. She had developed the animatronic ponies and essentially created artificial life. These machines were very expensive to make, so she needed funding to make progress on her experiments with improvements to them. She signed a contract with an establishment who wanted her animatronics to entertain guests and become the main attraction. They gave Pinkessa all the funding she could need in return, and she built an underground bunker where she could store all of her equipment and unused animatronics in privacy. Ponies began suspecting her for hiding her work like that, but she still received commissions and built animatronics bearing the liking of certain ponies who were requested. Little did they know; Pinkessa always kept a second model to keep for herself, as trophies of her hard work. The establishment became a booming success with the performance of its main animatronics; Pinkie Pie, Twilight, and Fluttershy. All 3 models received considerable attention, and they were situated to the main stage permanently.

Eventually, Pinkessa grew tired of her old buckets and bolts. She began desiring an improvement upon the machines that would really make them come to life. She began using all of her funding to research the creation of an artificial soul to literally give the animatronics life. After years of experimenting and isolation; she eventually found the formula to an artificial soul. After several tests; she concluded that the soul would indeed bring an animatronic to life, giving it free thought and movements, but the AS (Artificial Soul) required the animatronic be shut down for long periods of time in order to be charged. For this inconvenience; Pinkessa named her invention “Evanescent Soul”, a name that makes clear the nature of their battery life.

Pinkessa now wanted to demonstrate to the world her discovery, and created a variation of the establishments’ head animatronic, Pinkie Pie, that she dubbed “Golden Pinkie” for being painted yellow. Golden Pinkie complied readily at first, and was all for going along with Pinkessa’s intentions. The establishment accepted the model with several questions at first, but after just 1 day of seeing it in action; they appraised Pinkessa with literally anything she could ever want. She grew even more popular, and her living animatronic was the talk of Equestria. Before Pinkessa could build any more, however, there was an incident. During one of Golden Pinkies rounds on the stage; a pony climbed up to investigate the animatronic. It was Twilight, the princess whom also had a model after her. She was looking to see if Golden Pinkie really was alive, but got a bit more than she asked for. Golden Pinkie reacted by attacking Twilight for some unknown reason, and the animatronic was quickly shut down. Twilight did not survive the encounter, and was Golden Pinkies’ first victim. Pinkessa quickly lost all funding and recognition; she was now despised and hated for creating such a monster. To discover the root of the problem; Pinkessa snuck into the establishment one night to find Golden Pinkie, take her E.S, and take it back for research. What she found was all of the other animatronics somehow active; as if they all had their own E.S. Pinkessa fled after discovering the danger of being there, but came back every night for a week to try and discover what was going on. She survived the time, and still no closer to finding Golden Pinkie or anything else for that matter.

        Before giving up completely, Pinkessa decided to record some messages to advise anypony else in the future about the animatronics and what they’re capable of. The very night she recorded these; Golden Pinkie paid her a visit. During the encounter, Pinkessa saw a miniature Twilight that was aiding Golden Pinkie and a lone E.S sitting in the closet. Pinkessa was still torn over what happened to Twilight, and she was one of her biggest motivations for discovering what went wrong. That said; the doll Twilight had a severe psychological impact on Pinkessa. Twilight was an issue that Pinkessa had no idea how to solve, and thus Pinkamena started growing inside Pinkessa; a dual persona that exists to deal with any problems that Pinkessa can’t handle herself. Pinkamena was still growing, so Golden Pinkie was Pinkessa’s problem at this point. Golden Pinkie eventually had Pinkessa where she wanted her, but stopped to pick up the E.S after noticing it and walked away. The E.S was in fact inside the Twilight doll before, and it was at this point that it became clear that Golden Pinkie was using the E.S models to control any other animatronics. Golden Pinkie also built the Twilight doll herself in order to use its psychological importance against Pinkessa in tonight’s visit, (Golden Pinkie had no idea what tricks Pinkessa might have, and so some back up was in order). Eventually, after several struggles from Pinkessa; Golden Pinkie succeeded in her mission. She caught Pinkessa, and switch souls with her through an oral ritual. Regardless of how it happened; Pinkessa’s soul was now inside the E.S inside Golden Pinkie, and Golden Pinkie’s soul was now inside Pinkessa’s body. What happened to Pinkessa during this time is unknown, but Golden Pinkie no doubt did her best to dispose of her original body and make sure it never came back to haunt her.

Year 1:

       The establishment is surprisingly still in effect, and the remaining animatronics behave during the day. They’ve been known to act out of protocol during the nights, however, so a night time security guard position was put into effect in order to keep the animatronics from doing anything destructive at night. Little Pip signs up for this position, and on her first night she is approached by the past. She receives a call that turns out being Pinkessa’s recordings from several years ago, but Pip disregards the warnings and stops listening half-way through. Pip is then harassed by the animatronics that night, but not harmed. They seemed only interested in scaring her away. Pip brought her trusty sidearm for Night 2 and this time the Twilight and Fluttershy models came after her more directly. Pip shot both and survived the night. For Night 3 Pip brought a bigger gun and started using the camera provided to her for security detail. This time she shot the Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash models. On Night 4 the Rarity model shows up on stage along with the other animatronics. It’s assumed that the Rarity model repaired them and prepared them for activity tonight. They remained idle on the stage, however, and Night 4 went without incident. On Night 5 the models were yet again moved to the stage and position just as they were on Night 4. This time, however, Pinkessa appeared in the camera Pip was watching the models through. Pinkessa was deformed and her eyes golden, and as Pip went to shoot her; she seemingly teleported behind Pip bearing a gun just like hers. Pinkessa shot Pip out of the establishment and into the outdoors. Pip recognized that she couldn’t fend off Pinkessa like this and decided to run for cover. Pinkessa continued to toy with Pip by simply teleporting above her. Pip moved her out of the way and pressed on. Pinkessa’s appearance reverted back to that of a regular pony in an attempt to make Pip pull her next move against her.

Pip ran straight into an ambush laid out by the animatronics. Pinkessa, being Golden Pinkie, is still in control of them and did this while Pip was busy being distracted by her. Pip fended them off with relative ease, and upon noticing Pinkessa watching from a distance; Pip decided to confront her directly. She knew she couldn’t outrun her at this point, so confrontation was the only option. Pip failed to counter Pinkessa’s superior speed, even with her gun, and Pinkessa tossed Lil Pip onto a standing board which snapped her lower spine, rendering Pip’s lower body and back legs paralyzed. Pinkessa attempted to finish the job with Pip’s own gun, but it was out of ammo. She found a knife and began toying with Pip more by cutting above her left eye; leaving a downward scar. Before Pinkessa could do any more than that; the real Rainbow Dash found them and forcefully took Pinkessa far away from Pip and into a place where she could be detained. Pinkessa escaped her prison when she found a bright light that turned out to be a portal into a different part of Equestria. She heard a familiar laugh from inside, but was more concerned with getting out of her current predicament than where she might end up. Briefly after entering the portal; Pinkessa found herself in a barren desert, and she noticed a red light in the sky. It closed in, until crashing into the sand. The object was revealed to be the Golden Pinkie model; still possessed by the real Pinkessa. Fake Pinkessa quickly realized the gravity of the situation, but before she could react Golden Pinkie threw her back into the portal. After chasing Fake Pinkessa for a bit, Golden Pinkie broke her down into a crippled state, then orally transferred their souls back to their original bodies.

Upon regaining her body; Pinkessa was not in control. At this point; Pinkamena was fully grown and now in effect. She rushed Golden Pinkie and swiftly sought out revenge. After beating her head until her neck became crooked, Pinkamena tore off one of Golden Pinkies arms. She continued by tossing Golden Pinkie into a wall, then grabbing her head and bending it to look at her. Golden Pinkie made an attempt at fighting back, but Pinkamena proved superior and launched her into another wall; this time Golden Pinkie fell and crashed into a pile of scrap. Pinkamena confirmed the body to be dead, then walked away. Pinkamena, still in control of the body, walks straight into Lil Pip being pushed in a wheelchair by Derpy. What happened to Pip during the time between her paralysis and now is up to speculation. Pinkamena, not being a purely evil entity, (just solves issues with excessive means), attempts to introduce herself to Pip, (not recognizing her since this is the first time Pip’s met Pinkessa in her own body). Pip shoots her before she can finish her name though, and Pinkessa regains control of the body long enough to feel her life fade away. Pinkessa dies, and Pip proceeds onward to who knows what goal she may have in mind.
Evanescent Souls
This is just a written explanation of the events of Evanescent Souls, which can be found at this link:…
HOME: Pinkessa Poster by Keiichi72
HOME: Pinkessa Poster
Aaaaaand here's Pinkessa's poster thingy.

Particle Green Screen can be found here:…
HOME: Zombie Pip Poster by Keiichi72
HOME: Zombie Pip Poster
Making some song mashups for Pip and Pinkessa that aren't intended to be used in HOME but rather just little tributes to their characters/personalities. 

Fire Green Screen effect can be found here:…


Keiichi72's Profile Picture
United States
I have trouble drawing on paper, so I tried using a base. At first they were kind of just a way to get better so I could draw better. But in the end I still can't do much without some kind of reference material. So I just call base editing a hobby, might not be art to the majority but it's fun so I'll do it anyway :3 Before I started drawing on bases I made up characters, and stories. Most never got drawn, even in doodles. Over the years they changed both in bio and story. Now they still only live in my mind, but I do use them as cores to my base works now, and recently decided to throw in fragments of their stories in descriptions.
Of recent I've started working on publicly available set of MLP Yugioh! custom cards. 
I've played Yugioh! since I can remember, and I think I'm better than average at writing it's rules. (the "top cards" on the site I use have horrible grammar and punctuation; not to mention most are just plain OP)
That said; I've accumulated over 100 MLP cards so far, and I'm still coming up with new ideas. 
For those whom might be interested in MLP-ifying their Yugioh! experience and are interested in downloading these cards, here's a link to the page:…

Also; when preparing your downloaded pictures for printing, here's the measurements that I use in Paintshop Pro 7 - 
Size by "Actual Size", then choose "Inches". The measurements in Inches are 3.5 Height by 2.5 Width.
I also set the resolution to 500k Pixels per Inch; but the higher your processor can handle, the better. I use 500k as a moderate average since I don't want to be stuck saving 1mil+ per inch for over 100 cards.

I also made a montage on Youtube for the 100 card mark which you can watch to determine whether these are the cards you're looking for or not:

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